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  • Re: water bottle cage fittings - loose fit in the frame

     I had the same thing happen to me on my 2011 R3.  I was the cause, I did not want ANY bolts to come loose on the bike so I was quite liberal with Loctite.  The bolt was bonded too tightly and when I tried to loosen it, the whole fitting came loose.  I tried to fix it myself but eventually opted to have the experts do ...
    Posted to Forum (Forum) by S Berg on 08-26-2013
  • Re: Picture of your Non-Cervelo...

     Ummm, they kind of do make mountain bikes, at least one of the partners from Cervelo does.....................    
    Posted to Forum (Forum) by S Berg on 07-28-2013
  • Re: R3 - Creaky seat post

     I have a 2011 R3 but don't think that it matters.  I have had a similar sound coming from that area of the bike and found that it was the 2 bolts that attach the seat to the post that were the source of the creaking.  I put a little grease on them and re inserted, problem solved!  You may want to try this first
    Posted to Forum (Forum) by S Berg on 07-18-2013
  • Re: Water Bottle Bolt is loose

     I have done a little bit of research since this happened last night, and it seems like if I can get the bolt out, there is a way to place an oversized nut onto the bolt, and then while holding the nut steady, turn the bolt into the rivnut and this should engage the backing and tighten things up.  Anyone try ...
    Posted to Forum (Forum) by S Berg on 06-21-2013
  • Water Bottle Bolt is loose

    Hi there, I have a 2011 R3 and ran into a problem tonight that I do not know how to fix.  I was removing my down tube mounted water bottle, and the first bolt came out with no issues.  However, the 2nd bolt seemed to take a long time to unscrew and then I realized that the bolt and the metal insert that it screws into, were ...
    Posted to Forum (Forum) by S Berg on 06-21-2013
  • Re: Open letter to forum users

     Thanks David, this is an amazing source of information for not just Cervelo owners, but all cyclists.  Cervelo is one of the rare manufacturers to offer its owners the ability to converse, share information and hear directly from Cervelo!  THANKS!!!
    Posted to Forum (Forum) by S Berg on 05-23-2013
  • Re: S2 size advise

     why would you not listen to what your fitting guy advised?????
    Posted to Forum (Forum) by S Berg on 05-16-2013
  • Re: Cervelo R5 cracks inside of headtube?

     Unless I am misreading your pics (which can happen as I am an old guy!), the "cracks" look to me like the edges of the carbon as it was layered.  The bike uses multiple layers of carbon.....
    Posted to Forum (Forum) by S Berg on 05-03-2013
  • Re: R5 frame size that FITS me please<<<

    &nbsp;For the amount of money that you are planning to spend on a new R5 frame, don&#39;t waste it by trying to find one online.&nbsp; Go to your Cervelo dealer, get fitted and buy a new frame that will carry a lifetime warranty.
    Posted to Forum (Forum) by S Berg on 04-30-2013
  • Re: Carbon crank options for R3

    As long as you&#39;re replacing the crank, get a powermeter.&nbsp; I have a SRAM S975 Quarq on my 2011 R3 and love it.
    Posted to Forum (Forum) by S Berg on 04-18-2013
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