Fender Recommendations for the S5

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    Re: Fender Recommendations for the S5

    Apparently the pros do it... Check the top photo in this Castelli post: I'd like to know as well.

    I'm surprised they were not using these:

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    Re: Fender Recommendations for the S5

    I was going to mention the ass saver. I cut one out of a plastic report cover. Free, easy, and surprisingly effective, but for the rear wheel only.
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    Re: Fender Recommendations for the S5

     They're RaceBlades in the pic - I've used them in the past as a way of getting through winter with only minimal grumbling from ride companions. Problem is the strap-on mountings wear the paint on the seatstays unless you bind them with layers of tape first, and they do bounce around a bit. However...

    ...the RaceBlade Long is a much better beast, as it fixes at brake mount and axle. They come as a pair so you'll end up throwing out the front one if you have any sort of S-Series Cervelo, but save all the spare fittings for damage replacement. They're much longer and even come with a mudflap, so even the most traditional of northern UK club riders can't bleat about getting covered in crap when wheelsucking you.

    I've used these on my S2 for years - it's "Minus one" for buying the winter bike as far as I'm concerned. Ride a clunky harsh winter bike and the incentive to get Out There is reduced. Fit it with cheap transmission kit and it'll wear out faster than you'd believe - I've seen so many winter bikes fall apart annoyingly on club training rides. My Hope BB lasted four years in all seasons which I reckon is acceptable. I stick cheaper wheels on for winter and use Vittoria Pave 24's, which last for years yet still give grip and comfort.

    The only reason I can think of for not using an S5 in winter would be clearance with slightly fatter tyres, which is a very specific S5 issue. I'm building one up for next year and have yet to introduce the frame and Paves to each other, but I suspect the S2/Raceblade Long combo may be sticking around as my winter bike. But then again, we'll see...

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    Re: Fender Recommendations for the S5

    "Raceblade Long" fenders are a liability. I've had two teammates crash because the fender became detached from the fork/seatstays, rotated under the wheel, and caused an uncontrollable skid. They're on version 2.0 after one recall already:

    I've switched to Portland Design Works full metal fenders, which will fit the vast majority of race bikes. As others have stated, it's best to just have a dedicated rain bike if that luxury is possible.
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