Bottom Bracket Issues on the S5

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  • 06-09-2013 1:55 PM

    Bottom Bracket Issues on the S5

    I just bought a brand new 2012 S5 in April. I've had to take it to the mechanic 3 times already to fix an issue with a pop-corn sounding popping coming from the bottom bracket area. I believe the mechanic replace the Bottom bracket housing and maybe the bearings. He said this is a known issue with the S5. Anyone else having this issue? I want to upgrade the crank but having a hard time finding a after market crank/bottom bracket set up due to the width of the bottom of the frame. The Bbright crank system is needing constant repair. Any advice would be appreciated. The frame was already replaced due to a crack, and now this issue. I'd like to go for a ride without having to take my bike to the shop afterwards.
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    Re: Bottom Bracket Issues on the S5

    Sounds like this are not unique to BBright, most bottom brackets these days are prone (BB30, PresFit30, BB86, etc.)

    Sounds come from moving joints. Mostly you can't stop the movement, so grease makes it move quietly.

    Have your mechanic try again - if every joint and mating surface is greased there should be no sounds. Emphasis on "every" joint - including the metal in metal of the crank's spindle in the bearings (surprising how many people forget that one).

    That's assuming it's not something else, like seat post, saddle, your knees, shoe cleats, derailleur hanger, etc. etc. etc. As you can see any connection can be noisy so it pays to keep looking.

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    Re: Bottom Bracket Issues on the S5

    He has attempted to fix it three times already. I had to drop the bike off Friday again. I just got the bike back from the second repair and within 5 miles of my light ride, it started making the noises again. The crank also will not spin as freely as it should. I believe he said it was locking up and some washers and the BB housing was replaced. I am not a professional cyclist; just a weekend warrior and not abusing the bike in any way. Just seems like a very strange issue to have on a brand new bike. He said there was another mechanic that recommended using lock tight at some area of the repair. Not sure how this would help the issue.
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    Re: Bottom Bracket Issues on the S5

    Not quite your issue, but I literally just got back from the shop after dropping off bike -- I've been hearing some bb noise (creaking sounds). Supposedly something down there has loosened up on me. Ive been using the new Red crank with Enduro reducers. Not sure if this is normal or not, but I only have about 200 miles on the bike (and Im definitely not putting out high watts). Multiple Cervelo owner and have yet to experience any issues like this one (other bikes are not BBright).

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    Re: Bottom Bracket Issues on the S5

    If ur cups were not installed properly using Loctite then u r experiencing the dreaded creak associated with drift of ur cups. Use search engine above for MULTIPLE threads on this issue....type in "BBRight" and "Loctite"

    Here is the most recent post on the issue:


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    Re: Bottom Bracket Issues on the S5

    I do not understand the point of using locktite. If this is done, does this mean I can never upgrade to a higher end crank and bottom bracket? Locktite seems pretty permanent. I was considering upgrading in the near future.
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    Re: Bottom Bracket Issues on the S5

    Andrew, welcome to the forum. As I indicated there r multiple posts on this very issue.Pop open ur favorite drink and start digging in to the wealth of knowledge on this group...part of the fun of riding a high perfoance machine is understanding how it works and how to maintain it.The Loctite solution is not permanent...609, 641 and similar Loctites are retaining compounds and the cups can easily be removed. EM3
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    Re: Bottom Bracket Issues on the S5

    Ok thanks. I will look into it and forward the information to my mechanic.
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    Re: Bottom Bracket Issues on the S5

    EM3 is right, enjoy the many informative threads on here.

    Also be sure to reference the authority: itself has posted how to install the bottom bracket. The instructions are linked in a PDF at the bottom of the BBright home page:

    Specifically, the instructions are: 

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    Re: Bottom Bracket Issues on the S5

    I'd find another LBS. Your LBS mechanic obviously has no clue or hasn't been updated on how to install press fit style bottom brackets such as bbright. The last thing you want is he/she using general Loctite from the hardware store and further damaging your frameset.
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    Re: Bottom Bracket Issues on the S5

    I purchased the S5 bike on 10/20/2013. By 12/5/13 I had a creaking or popping sound coming from my bottom bracket too. To make a long story short, my local bike shop changed out the Rotor bottom bracket bearings three times, the Cranks twice, Pedals once, COMPLETE FRAME REPLACEMENT once, Chain, Rear Cassette, Seat and finally after about 8 trips into the shop the mechanic said "if this was his bike I would change the Rotor cranks to Ultegra."

    On 7/23/14 He changed the crank to the Shimano Ultegra 6750 175 34/50 and added the Shimano Hollowtech II Adapter (leaving the BBRight Bottom Bracket). This fixed my problem and I did not have any issues for over a year. On 9/19/2015 I was informed I needed a new BB as they will only last from 3 months to several years. I have an issue with this as I have a 2003 Trek 5200 carbon that has never had any BB issues with over 10k miles. Anyway the new BB Rotor BBRight Shimano bracket and bearing was selected to eliminate the adapter. I will cross my fingers that this works. I agree, I am sick of riding my bike once and dropping it off for a week for repairs. My bike shop has been great about the repairs and warranty replacements but I am sure they are sick of me and my bike!  I have some out of pocket expenses, as well as no bike to ride when the S5 is in the shop. I would take a new 2015 S5 with the Dura Ace Di2 group in exchange for my bike problems if Cervélo is listening????

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    • David
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    Re: Bottom Bracket Issues on the S5

    Hey tomstep,

    We are listening. If you want to address your specific issues, feel free to get in touch directly here:

    Or, you can also reach out to me directly by clicking on my user name.
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    • rmerka
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    Re: Bottom Bracket Issues on the S5


    Anyway the new BB Rotor BBRight Shimano bracket and bearing was selected to eliminate the adapter.

    You should consider the BBInfinite BB Shimano Direct fit version if you are going to a Shimano crank.  You will not have problems with that setup.

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    • goodboyr
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    Re: Bottom Bracket Issues on the S5

    I guess I will add an additional angle. The technical info is available and as others have said, is most often successful. The only time it doesn't work is in the hands of a so-called professional mechanic at an lbs, who in reality is not professional, is not a mechanic, and who doesn't belong anywhere near these bikes. The tough dilemma that cervelo and other bike companies find themselves in, is that they have little or no control over these lbs mechanics.
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    Re: Bottom Bracket Issues on the S5

    +1 to try BBInfinite to be noise free and really great freely spin!
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