New Cervelo S5

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  • 09-28-2015 10:04 AM In reply to

    • paolo62
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    Re: New Cervelo S5



    18k in 6 months & so happy with Luzié .. oSo >>

    How do you average 100K per day for 180 days? Not doubting what you say in any way at all, just trying to see how I would have the time to do half that mileage.




    Sauskross I hope I look as happy on my Cervelo as you always do on yours!! This is what its really all about and why we ride eh?
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    Re: New Cervelo S5

    Hi paolo62,

    parts on a machine need maintaining ore can fail and have to be replaced, but with every detail I learned to know Luzié challenged me to ride faster.

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    Re: New Cervelo S5

    Sausskross your a biking hard man for sure! Great mileage over 2015. I do not have a 2015 S5 but rode the previous version from 2011 till 2014 and now on a S3 which I love. Nice to see someone enjoying the mileage with body and mind! I just had to renew all my groupo (now Red 22) as cassettes, RD and big rings all wore out as have been in use since 2011 moved from bike to bike. Wish I could have held out for the Sram electric but forced to move before the release. Yes a COR event over there would be fantastic. You seem to be finding your youth. Keep it going.
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    Re: New Cervelo S5

    Hi rider2,

    when people ask me why I ride so much milage my answer is I love to spend the morning hours in the Odenwald, a beautiful forrest next to my hometown. The real youth I'll meet maybe next week, the son of a friend was placed well in Richmond in the junior race. If it works out we go for a ride. A big chance to ask the young man, how he did it to stay well for the finish after this 130km of racing.
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    Re: New Cervelo S5

     Hi people at Cervélo,

     did I already mention that the last time I rode that much was 25 years before? Thank you all!


    The sticker shows the emblem of the Kurpfalz, the region riding on two wheels was invented 1819 by this man ..

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    Re: New Cervelo S5

    I had a 2013 S5 VWD that turned out to be defective. Rear tire rubbed on the frame. They replaced it under warranty. For a small fee they allowed me to upgrade to a brand new 2016 S5. But the guys at the local bike shop tell me Cervelo no longer uses model years in the bikes? I just picked up the bike yesterday after having them swap the components over from my old S5. The mechanic also found a crack in my left crank arm so Rotor replaced that under warranty with their 3D+ or something? Whatever model it is it allows me to use their not round rings if I want to. After one ride of 30 miles I do believe it's a better bike than the 2013. I'm not that good of a rider and maybe it's only because I knew this is a new bike? But it feels like it climbs better and sprints better than my '13. I don't know how to describe it. Also, I have the old round handlebars. Couldn't see spending the $400 for those cool bars since I had to spend some bucks for the newer frame, and I had to pay the shop to switch it all over and set up the new one.
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    Re: New Cervelo S5

    The 58 cm frames come with 44cm c-c handlebars, the biggest width that is offered .. I guess you can ask Cervélo costumer services, that is what i did here in Europe .. oSo >>
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    Re: New Cervelo S5

    From now on every meter with Luzié in this year is a new personal record, with 24k+ I got older and with my new S5 faster .. oSo >>
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    Re: New Cervelo S5

    Riding road bike, deep breathing, being in nature, all that tunes up senses. Since I did not ride that much for a long time I'm blown away by listening to the impact of music I love from my Longplayer 12 .. oSo >>
  • 03-26-2016 2:33 PM In reply to

    Re: New Cervelo S5

     And I can't believe this ..

    .. 20k mls since 02.2015 and a little of 12 hours not available for a ride .. oSo >>

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    Re: New Cervelo S5

    The Fulcrum Racing 7 LG are not bad for scrubbing down in training but the new blacks dancing shoes are a fantastic ridé.. oSo >>


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    Re: New Cervelo S5

    With Luzié "in 484 days around the world (40k+)" .. oSo >>
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    Re: New Cervelo S5

    It took one year longer for recovery from a femur fracture to hear that beautiful noise with the wind again, but therefore I found the fastest set up I ever had (I post it here because my buddies won't find & read it) .. #1 AbsovuteBlack 36T inner chain ring // easy to spin up gears up hill, conserved reserves for the big circle #2 5mm saddle rise // with the inner chain ring even increase in cadence, less stress and faster recovery for the hard working muscles & tendons .. #3 Course helmet // better cooling, less resistance .. #4 cutted Prolight SLX velcros // better looking, less resistance .. #5 F119 120mm stem // 1cm longer, lighter, more stable, preciser handling, slightly stretched body & deeper back >> #6 LeXXi Team trikot set // skin fit, favorite colors, more speed ore less watt .. again enjoying "the fastest road bike in the galaxy" on my wish list .. oSo >>

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