Toronto riders

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  • 10-02-2015 3:56 PM

    Toronto riders

    Hey guys

    I'm relocating from Vancouver to Toronto in a couple of weeks with work and would love some insight from any locals on here in terms of riding.

    I realise we're into fall now and winter is a no-go in the city, but I'd like to get some tips on good mid-week rides in and around Toronto, longer weekend rides (happy to drive out the city if need be, anything with climbs is a big bonus), recommendations on any local club/shop rides, and obviously the best Cervelo store in town to take care of my baby!

    Any thoughts or comments greatly appreciated, happy to provide more context if need be.
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    Re: Toronto riders

    Hey stuartlangfield,

    Surprisingly, we actually have some pretty good riding in Toronto. Start with these:

    Good riding in this city also depends on what area you live in; west vs east.
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    Re: Toronto riders

    Well I'm sure many people will chime in with better options but here is what I know. Their is the donut ride out of the Leaside area every Saturday ( I believe) which is a Toronto tradition but a ride for the hearty with no speed restrictions. Almost all the Bike shops have such Racer Sportif, Chain Reaction, Gear's and many others have organized rides. The Toronto Biking Network TBN has rides starting from various locations around and outside Toronto every weekend and they have some week day rides. Attract riders looking for a variety of rides some quite long but not your racing group ride. Great way to get mileage though and learn the area. West of Toronto is the Oakville Cycling Club with 400 so members and they have small hills around the Milton and the escarpment. If you drive north you can join us in Collingwood where we have the largest climbs in Southern Ontario (max 5.7km climb). I'm active with the Collingwood Cycle Club here and also was the location for the last Cervelo Owners Ride in Canada this past June. Toronto on mild years can be cycled to some extent year round (two years ago). There is also many indoor winter training groups which can be sourced from high end Power Watts, to programs at Gears and many other opinions. Hope that helps.
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    Re: Toronto riders

    Thanks guys.

    Donut ride sounds intense, might make for some good training though.

    I saw a couple of riders with the MG kit at the Tour De Victoria this year, will definitely check out their rides.

    Hoping for a mild winter, the last time I lived in Toronto (2008) there was crazy amounts of snow fall. If not it might be time to invest in a trainer. I'm also looking into some indoor cycling classes, found them of huge benefit even over Vancouver's easy winter.

    rider2 Collingwood sounds great, I've been to the area a couple of times so would love check it out on a bike, especially if there's some good climbing to be found.
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    Re: Toronto riders

    Yes how could I forget the Morning Glory Cycle Club MGCC which is a large quality club in Toronto and also ride's in area's such as Collingwood. Its claim to fame is its early morning ride's I think 5:45. Never could get up that early so I tip my hat to those that do!
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    Re: Toronto riders

    Collingwood is a GREAT place to ride! I went out with rider2's club after the COR ride in June. Awesome guy's!
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    Re: Toronto riders

    I second Oakville Cycling Club if you're from the west end and have something with four wheels and a motor to get you to the ride start.  I rode with them for 2 years while living in west Toronto.  Very well organized, very friendly, with regular rides that have something for everyone from flat-bar hybrid riders right up to 32+kph pacelines in nice increments if you have friends/family at different skill levels or so you can build through the season.  Better scenery and fewer stoplights/stop signs than riding in the city too. I moved to the SF bay area recently and although the riding is excellent down here I miss the OCC very much. 


    Be sure to sign up early in the spring as there is a lot of demand.  


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    Re: Toronto riders

    Oakville sounds great, will definitely check out. Thinking of trying out the GFNY next year so some solid spring rides would be great to get in shape.
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    Re: Toronto riders

     Oakville is fantastic when you land let me know. I frequent the Morning Glory Rides and also am really good buddies with the owners of the Flying Monkey Bike shop... THE IT PLACE TO BE! Also to get there you have to climb over the escarpment... Now there is not "mountains" but depending on you go it can be rather nasty getting over it Rattle Snake point is a novelty climb 70 to 800 ft hitting 15-18 percent at time with a switchback... We all do it a couple of times a year when you feel you can beat last years time.. and we have great cross here too!  

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    Re: Toronto riders

    Thanks for the other tips, excited to try out some of these punchy little climbs.

    Initially moving over on November 1st to start work and apartment search etc before my wife joins after the holidays. Hoping the weather holds throughout November so I can get some riding in.
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