Chain dropping issues with R3 Ultegra Di2?

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  • 07-05-2016 7:49 PM

    Chain dropping issues with R3 Ultegra Di2?

    I've had my R3 since March and am having repeated issues with the chain dropping off the front derailleur (mostly to the outside) about once every 50-100 miles.  My LBS replaced the chainrings with a Praxis setup, which worked well for a couple hundred miles.  But in the last week I have had the chain drop to the inside twice.  I took it back to my LBS, who put on a chain catcher but said that there's nothing wrong with the bike.

     My understanding is that the Di2 should be basically immune to dropping the chain absent abuse or a weird situation.  That's not the case here--the drops are happening when I'm in the middle of my cassette and pedaling between 70 and 100 rpm.  I'm coming from an Ultegra mechanical setup that dropped its chain maybe twice in five years of riding, so I'm getting pretty annoyed and would love to get some advice.

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    Re: Chain dropping issues with R3 Ultegra Di2?

    If that is happening it is most likely due to an incorrectly set up front derailleur. Most likely the limits are incorrect or (less likely) the crank is installed improperly so there is play in the chain line. I don't think you needed new Praxis Rings (though they are nice, and I have them on my Power2Max power meter). It sounds more like you need a new bike shop or well experienced friend to set up the mech correctly. Di2 should not drop chains, and there are no cables to stretch and muck things up once correctly dialed in.

    For what its worth, I have an r3 with Ultegra Di2 and have never been able to drop the chain no matter what I do (shifting under load or other silly stuff) for over a year.

    If you can wiggle your cranks side to side in the bottom bracket, your pre-load screw is too loose or you are missing a spacer (assuming you have stock Rotor cranks) which could cause play in the chain line and drop chains. If that isn't the case, I bet it is the limit screws on the front derailleur.


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    Re: Chain dropping issues with R3 Ultegra Di2?

    Hi, Did you get this problem resolved? If so I'd be interested to know the cure for dropping from the inside. Nick
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    Re: Chain dropping issues with R3 Ultegra Di2?

    When I had my Madone, it kept dropping the chain. I couldn't figure it out until I noticed a chaining bolt was missing. Basically loose a chaining caused the chain to slip through the FD cage and chain catcher.
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    Re: Chain dropping issues with R3 Ultegra Di2?

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