Daytime running headlights

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  • 07-30-2017 8:32 PM

    Daytime running headlights

    Wondering how many forum members ride with daytime running headlights? I always use a rear facing light but very recently picked up a Bontrager Ion for some early morning/late evening rides and have been thinking of using it all the time regardless of time of day. I'll admit the older I get and now with a wife and two young kids I've been more concerned about my safety and being more visible to drivers. Most of my training rides are more rural roads so I do worry just as much from on coming cars as I do from those coming from behind. I've read abit on another forum and of course many opinions ranging from the legality of forward facing lights to it may piss off oncoming cars if it's too bright- I will say this, the few rides I've done during the day with a forward facing light I've definitely noticed cars giving me more berth and even got a thumbs up from someone driving towards me.
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    Re: Daytime running headlights

    For front lights, I use the Bontrager 700 Ion on my commuter and the Ion 100 on my road bikes (use flashing mode for all of them). I too noticed drivers giving me more room.
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    Re: Daytime running headlights

    I'll run day time lights in the early months of my commute and towards the end of it come late September & early October. I've got 2 Towpeak White Light IIs that are easy on / off and wicked bright, not too mention compact, so you aren't sticking some massive big bulky floodlight on your bike. Not sure if it helps me at all, but I do think it's appreciated especially when the light at 5:45 am isn't that bright.
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    Re: Daytime running headlights

    I use a Cygolite Metro 550, it is very bright and I use in all light conditions. My reason for using one is seeing a fiend get cut off by a left turning car, the outcome was disastrous, and ended with him being paraplegic and in a wheel chair.  So I don't leave home without it.  I know it has made me visible to drivers coming towards me or turning out in front of me, I see their reactions.  My rear light is less bright and this I use in the early and late parts of the day rather than in bright daylight.  I am thinking of a brighter unit though.  My feeling is I should do what I can to be defensive and lights are a part of that strategy.

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    Re: Daytime running headlights

    <being more visible to drivers>

    That's simply smart!

    I've biked about 15,000mi on Maui alone, and 5000 on other islands, in addition to many 10,000's in So Cal. There is absolutely no question that a bright white flashing light on the front will deter 'left turners' and also, it will help abate those turning right in front of you, as that nasty flashing white light catches their attention in their right rear view mirror.

    Also, wearing a bright kit will make quite a difference. There are folks who like wearing black. but black and cyclists only is a combo that is smart when off the bike. (off the road)

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    Re: Daytime running headlights

    I am starting to use blinkies on both ends more and more during the day. I have a PlanetBike Superflash on the back of the bike and if I anticipate much traffic at all, I have it on. Out in the boonies, I still tend not to run it, but closer to town, I'll flash my butt at the drivers ;) I've also added a little brake light on the brake cable (can't remember the brand at the moment...but you pull on the brakes and it actuates the switch for the light too) as one more "see me" tool.

    As for fronts, I have a little PlanetBike Spok...nothing anywhere near as bright as what some of the others replying use, but a little blinky just to say "hey, I'm here." Again, I find I am more apt to have it on near town than out in the country. 

    I don't know if I've seen much difference in the driver's responses to this point (other than potentially attracting a couple big rigs onto the shoulder) but I do find I have them with me and flashing more often than not these days.

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    Re: Daytime running headlights

    I have See.Sense lights. I initially bought them for night time use but now I have them on all the time. They adapt the lights behaviour and flash pattern in response to the traffic so the battery lasts longer. I commute about 20 miles each way to work and normally just charge them at the weekend via USB.

     Website is here but you can get them off Amazon, CRC, Wiggle etc.


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    Re: Daytime running headlights

     I have Specialized Stix Lights front and rear and run them whenever Scorch (my R3d blisters pavement!) is in motion.  They are very bright LEDs, visible in bright sunlight and I like the way they sit in front of the stem and behind the seatpost and add very little to aero resistance.

    Here in Ontario Canada, vehicles since 1990 are  required to be built with daytime running lights and motorcycles since the 70s have been required to run their lights.  It doesn't make sense for bicycles to be the only ones running dark.  I always put them in multi-flash mode too.  Besides the increased battery life, they stand out against other lights and distractions on the roads.  (A steady white light at night just disappears among car lights)

    I noticed a difference in motorist behaviour immediately when I started running full-time lights a couple of years ago.  I'm sure it makes me a bit safer and I think that drawing attention to myself makes all bikes a bit safer.  Also several other riders in my small town area have started doing it too and that makes us all safer.

    I also use a bar-end mirror too and knowing about vehicles approaching 30 seconds sooner (very flat area) adds as much or more safety than the lights.  I see them coming and I know when they will be coming by - no surprises!


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