At what point do you get a power meter?

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    Re: At what point do you get a power meter?

    Races (even friendly races) are won by the fastest rider, and the stopwatch or the finish line or the city limit sign doesn't care whether you got faster because of more power, or smarter tactics, or less drag. If you or your coach knows what you're doing, a power meter can help you with all three of those, not just the first. Training FTP is one of the least demanding uses of a PM, not the only use of a PM. If a coach is concerned that his or her riders aren't using a PM properly, they should either cover up the display or else have the rider stick it in a pocket, but continue to use it as a data recorder. That way the coach can still get the information. 

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    Re: At what point do you get a power meter?

    The mental image of what you put here has tears coming down my face I am laughing so hard. BTW I ended up buying a Wahoo Kickr. Now I have power for the winter and a whole new set of training options which I find pretty cool. This also means will have to get a PM when the outdoor season starts in the spring

    Day 1. Day 1 is when :)

    yes absolutely Day 1 every neo nate child should be given a power meter along with their huggies gift prior to leaving the hospital! we need to get them young while they are still open minded and impressionable to join the power meter cult! ;-)

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