Picking a set of wheels

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    Re: Picking a set of wheels

    I'm a big guy (solid Clyde) and recently did a set of wheels for my S2.

    I looked at a bunch of the "beefy" (Stallion / Clyde) builds from the usual suspects and some options for building them myself. Lots of options out there (especially if you're not a Clyde), but the prices start getting super high when you are converting stuff into CAD. :(

    I ended up doing a custom set through Pro Wheel Builder. I was just going to order the parts and build them myself (I've built all my mtb wheels and a few I've used on cross / commuter bikes) but they made me a deal I couldn't refuse (free build, so the difference is customs was far cheaper than what I would have spent in time and effort to build them up myself). I ended up getting the custom hubs I really wanted mated to a set of Boyd Altamonts. Not as deep as what a lot of folks run (30 mm deep alloys, but a wide rim with the torroidal shape, so more aero than a box section), but I have my Onyx hubs which are fan-fubu-tastic!  I also have some funkiness going on with leading and trailing spoke colors, nipple colors and such. 

     I've put a season on the wheels so far and they have proven well built and bulletproof (plus I love that the loudest part of my bike is now the chain noise when pedaling) if you're still looking, don't forget to give the custom builders and smaller wheel companies (i.e. FLO and Boyd) a thought.


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