Through Axle replacement Cervelo S5

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    Re: Through Axle replacement Cervelo S5

    Link or does one need a subscription to see it? NVM.. Found a reprint:
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    Re: Through Axle replacement Cervelo S5

    Emillio just goggle Tour aero bike test 2019 on weight wiennies and go to page one. It's in German so it takes a little time to figure out the data. Basically all the bikes are disc, the Cannondale had the lowest drag at 203 watts, Cervelo S5D 206, Venge 208 and Madone 212. All bikes are tested with 404's the Cervelo had RAT's which are worth maybe 1 to 2 watts drag so I figure the Cannondale and S5D basically are the same aerowise (if you get rid of the front RAT). One thing I noticed is the S5D has the same front end stiffness of the Venge/Madone but lower than the Cannondale. In any test I've seen of the Cannondale it has been noted it is a little punishing and twitchy and this likely is the reason I suspect. Cervelo seems to have found the balance between frame stiffness and ride quality, at least that's what I see. The Cervelo is notably quite a bit stiffer than the Venge and Madone in BB. They do not test the stiffness in torsion between front and back wheels directly which is the big jump Cervelo made with the S5D which is unfortunate. In a sense the rigidity tests have fallen behind technical understanding of what makes a bike handle in my estimation. Still great info. There's frame weight there and other data. Cheers
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