Graphene. Pretty cool.

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  • 01-23-2017 3:51 PM

    • apwndwest
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    Graphene. Pretty cool.

    What do you think about this?
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    Re: Graphene. Pretty cool.

    Next Rca!

    I think this one will cost $15k for the frameset....

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    Re: Graphene. Pretty cool.

    Didn't get the special advantage of Graphene for frame design in that gcn video (my lack in english and patience in listening to nothing too long). Building light is easy, just use less material. It seems there are some other nano resins in the pipeline to improve frames in all specific aspects ..

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    Re: Graphene. Pretty cool.

     I dunno about that....but I'll see how it does in my Vittoria tires this year ;)

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    Re: Graphene. Pretty cool.

     it is a really cool thing, it is actually 1 atom thick carbon in a matrix that makes it incredibly strong, in one dimension but flexible in another as I understand,.  The real cool part to me is that it is also an electrical conductor, but better still it is a super conductor meaning really low resistance so that low energy electrical signal transmission uses are possible.... which means that you could send an electrical signal through the frame.  The other thing is that it is of course light because carbon is a light element relative to most elements on the periodic table.  This has some real things that just require people to imagine things to find innovative ways to use it once they get the process of making it to a price point that makes it commercially viable.  This is where carbon fibre was at the beginning so look to the future and it will be the basis of some pretty amazing things I think.

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