Cervelo r3 with tri bars

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  • 09-27-2017 1:33 PM

    Cervelo r3 with tri bars

    Sadly had my trusty 2008 P2 stolen and so now have my R3 for everything. Love the bike but am doing long distance tri's again next year, so I am thinking that if I put tri bars on it, it won't do the job of saving my legs for the run, as the P2 would.

    Does anyone have any experience of using a R3 as a tri bike or should i flog it and bite the bullet with another P2?

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    Re: Cervelo r3 with tri bars

    I do not have any experience using my R3 with clip on aero bars, but I do have experience using them on my S5. About a year or two after getting the S5, I realized my 17 mile (at that time) commute in to work, might be quicker if I were to get aero bars. The S5 is wicked fast to begin with. I went back to Andy at Landry's and had him adjust my bike fit to incorporate some 3T ergonova clip on aero bars. Long story short, I flew using them and on the days where the stars lined up completely - fresh legs, tailwind, fantastic weather I flew and even on the days where 2 of 3 factors were right I still flew. Thus perhaps an S5 or S3 with clip on aero bars might be a better more versatile choice.
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    Re: Cervelo r3 with tri bars

    Agree with cawright. I have an R2 and it's plenty aero compared to other bikes I've owned, especially with good aero wheels, but it still doesn't compare to my now older Ridley Noah. An S3 or S5 would really be the better bike if you want to get the most out of aero bars. The aero clip ons on your R3 will improve comfort and make it easier to get more speed, but it's not going to be optimal against a bike already designed to be more aerodynamic in the first place. Rotten that someone would steal a bike. Sorry to hear about that.
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    Re: Cervelo r3 with tri bars

    I'll agree too...aeros will help the R3 do better, but an S-series is closer to the P in terms of speed. In my case, it is an S2 with the clip-ons and it flies along. Under the right conditions, my fat butt can cruise along in the low to mid-40 km/h range (solo) and gobble up long distance rides.

    If you are going to sell the R3 and get one bike, an S is the way to go. It won't be quite as fast as a dedicated tri bike (like the P-series), but it will be faster than an R.

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    Re: Cervelo r3 with tri bars

    Thanks for this - as I thought I suppose the geometry isnt really there with the R3 for long distance tris but is perfect for sportives. I suppose the R3 will need to be sold and then an entry level S bike purchased! Oh how terrible....

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