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  • Re: Bottom Bracket Lifespan

    I suppose it is possible you got a lemon in terms of the new BB that was installed. Did you attempt to regrease it yourself? A few years back the Trek Across Maine had such torrential downpours that a jewish guy was loading animals into a boat 2x2. By mile 50 of the 68 that first day, my BB was squeaky as could be. I knew it was in need of ...
    Posted to Forum (Forum) by cawright1375 on 11-03-2018
  • MTB single speed crank for a BBright R3

    Afternoon - After my failed attempt at Mt. Washington a few folks including a past winner who I know, have suggested using a 26-28 tooth chainring in the front. Furthermore, it's been suggested by a trusted mech that a mountain bike crank would be ideal - to which I agree. I have the tools necessary to swap them out. So my question is for ...
    Posted to Forum (Forum) by cawright1375 on 11-03-2018
  • Re: Out of shape, preparing new season (chainrings & cassette)

    I was relatively fit this past July when I attempted the Mount Washington Auto Road Bicycle Hill Climb Practice Ride a month out from the actual race. I'm using a 2013 R3 with SRAM Red 22 (cabled) with a wi-fli RD and a 32 T cassette, with 50/34 red crank. I ran out of gears and have been advised to find a much smaller chain ring for the ...
    Posted to Forum (Forum) by cawright1375 on 10-24-2018
  • Re: OSPW Help

    So not sure if this will help or not, but this spring I put SRAM Red 22 on my R3. At the time I kept my Rotor 3D+ compact crank on the bike. However I was having bad performance. I spoke with SRAM who said it was the Rotor crankset being designed for a 10 speed and not 11 speed. I spoke with my trusty mechanic at Landry's in Natick and he ...
    Posted to Forum (Forum) by cawright1375 on 08-17-2018
  • Re: Adding Sunweb??

    Can you provide an example of where Cav ran his mouth at the Tour this year? Pretty sure he admitted to Quick Step & Bora being better than he at the Tour. And what debacle do you speak of? They are 1st & 2nd on GC and unlike 2012 there does not appear to be any dissension in the ranks.
    Posted to Forum (Forum) by cawright1375 on 07-23-2018
  • Re: Adding Sunweb??

    If I recall his contract is up and he's had a miserable 12 months. Add to that his age and one does wonder if his best years are behind him. Lance on the The Move suggested that Cav flinched too much this year during the sprints. Quite possibly he was on the deck one too many times this season and was hesitant to have that happen again. ...
    Posted to Forum (Forum) by cawright1375 on 07-20-2018
  • Re: R3 - Front Derailleur Hanger Rivets

    I just went through this with my S5. The crack that I thought was only in the clear coat was actually a crack in the top tube and most likely the cause behind the excessive extreme speed wobble going downhill I'd experience. I was given the option of a 2018 S5 or S3 and as I'd wanted an S3 way back when I got my S5, I went with the S3. ...
    Posted to Forum (Forum) by cawright1375 on 07-17-2018
  • Re: Adding Sunweb??

    [quote user="Layback"][quote user="Denmae"]Yes we get it, Layback. You dont like him. Im pretty sure hes accomplished a lot more in his life, than you have lol[/quote] I doubt thats the true measure of a man and you know nothing about me. But good for him. Hes still a whiny little DB whos legs arent talking as ...
    Posted to Forum (Forum) by cawright1375 on 07-16-2018
  • The Cycling Podcast - Kilometer 0 ep: 10 years of Argyle

    JV interviewed by Lionel Birnie lets slip at end of podcast that last year was not the closest team came to folding. It was actually at end of 2011 & involves Cervélo and the Pon acquisition.
    Posted to Forum (Forum) by cawright1375 on 07-13-2018
  • Re: Adding Sunweb??

    hahaha - well the race isn't over until Paris.
    Posted to Forum (Forum) by cawright1375 on 07-12-2018
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