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  • Re: Adding Sunweb??

    Id imagine that its hard to keep riding the tour when you know that youre all washed up and youre just going to get dominated all the way to Paris anyway by the guy you crashed into last year. My guess is this is the last year we hear Cav Run his mouth in the tour. Now if Team Sky could implode with this yellow jersey debacle Id be a very ...
    Posted to Forum (Forum) by Layback on 07-23-2018
  • Re: Adding Sunweb??

    [quote user="Denmae"]Yes we get it, Layback. You dont like him. Im pretty sure hes accomplished a lot more in his life, than you have lol[/quote] I doubt thats the true measure of a man and you know nothing about me. But good for him. Hes still a whiny little DB whos legs arent talking as predicted
    Posted to Forum (Forum) by Layback on 07-13-2018
  • Re: Adding Sunweb??

    Well he wasnt. Hes completely washed up and hell never win another stage of the TDF. Shouldve watched where he was going last year and he might have made a run at Merckx record. I see this year being similar to McEwens last tour.
    Posted to Forum (Forum) by Layback on 07-12-2018
  • Re: Adding Sunweb??

    Cav still has just 8 points to his name. Again I saw him running his mouth. He finished 21st. Less talky. More sprinty.
    Posted to Forum (Forum) by Layback on 07-10-2018
  • Re: Adding Sunweb??

    His legs arent doing much talking so far in this years TDF. 8 points to his name. Mustve been intermediate sprints because I havent seen him on camera except for when he was screaming at the motorcycle. Your whiny little *** is done. And no I dont like Crash Froome. ;-)
    Posted to Forum (Forum) by Layback on 07-08-2018
  • Re: Adding Sunweb??

    I just don't like him. Simple as that. You like him. Good for you. That's awesome.
    Posted to Forum (Forum) by Layback on 05-23-2018
  • Re: Adding Sunweb??

    I wont share the many examples, just the most recent. This past week DD was at Zwift Headquarters and they asked Cav what hed change about Zwift. His response was that hed like them to change things so that people cant suck his wheel and then ride by and make fun of him. He has a very big ego and a very low self esteem for a former world ...
    Posted to Forum (Forum) by Layback on 05-22-2018
  • Re: Adding Sunweb??

    Awesome. I was at the Amgen TOC this week. Didn't even bother to go by the DD van. I can no longer stomach Cav. It'll be nice to see some people I respect on Cervelos.
    Posted to Forum (Forum) by Layback on 05-21-2018
  • 2011 Cervélo RS Braze On Mount Needed

    Does anyone have a good place to source this? I tried excel Sports mentioned in a previous post below but they dont have it.
    Posted to Forum (Forum) by Layback on 04-14-2018
  • Re: Cable guides and eTap

    Thanks for the suggestions guys. The problem is that I have a 2014 R3. This is before they futureproofed them for electric shifting. So my cable stops are riveted on. Are you suggesting that one can poke out the rivets and use these?
    Posted to Forum (Forum) by Layback on 04-12-2018
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