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  • Re: Picture of your Cervelo

    [quote user="boogermin"] Back on a Cervelo (again). R5 disc, Enve cockpit, Enve SES 5.6, Dura Ace 9170, but using the 9000 cranks (not a fan of the new crankset). Oh, riding on 30mm Schwalbe S-One tires. Cushy. Tried 32mm Conti 4 Seasons, but those tires were too wide.[/quote] How much does it weigh? I ...
    Posted to Forum (Forum) by Kookie on 10-29-2017
  • Re: newR5

    Sizes 48 and 51 come with 0 offset seatposts. So I am sure you can order one via Cervelo dealer. Searched on the net for the Cervelo stem (carbon) and saw a picture with a -8*.
    Posted to Forum (Forum) by Kookie on 10-14-2017
  • Re: New bikes, new looks, new specs...

    I got the impression they focused more on stiffness (both R3/5) and a more aggressive geometry for the R5.
    Posted to Forum (Forum) by Kookie on 09-22-2017
  • Re: At what point do you get a power meter?

    I have the Rotor 2Inpower on my R5 and the Quarq Dzero on my S5. I recently got them just to see how "fit" I am and comparing the power numbers I hear on the Internet. I found averaging 300w over 10-15 minutes is pretty hard!
    Posted to Forum (Forum) by Kookie on 09-19-2017
  • Re: Most Coveted Piece of Kit/ Tech/ Tools...

    For some reason I still have my 2011 TDF Cervelo Garmin jersey even though it's a bit small and the zipper is broken. Just can't seem to get rid of it cause it looks cool. Also my Oakley Jawbone (now called Racing Jacket) sunglasses. Frame is coloured lemon yellow+white jaws with fire iridium lenses.
    Posted to Forum (Forum) by Kookie on 08-10-2017
  • Re: Chain dropping issues with R3 Ultegra Di2?

    When I had my Madone, it kept dropping the chain. I couldn't figure it out until I noticed a chaining bolt was missing. Basically loose a chaining caused the chain to slip through the FD cage and chain catcher.
    Posted to Forum (Forum) by Kookie on 08-05-2017
  • Re: Noisy drivetrain

    For the most part it sounds normal to me. But once the chain reaches the smaller cogs I can hear a ticking/thunking sound. Maybe the RD cage isn't in the right position when the chain is in the smaller cogs???
    Posted to Forum (Forum) by Kookie on 08-04-2017
  • Re: Daytime running headlights

    For front lights, I use the Bontrager 700 Ion on my commuter and the Ion 100 on my road bikes (use flashing mode for all of them). I too noticed drivers giving me more room.
    Posted to Forum (Forum) by Kookie on 07-30-2017
  • Re: Review of the new R5 (Bike Radar article)

    Ahh, I'm sure the Di2 version will somehow find it's into my stable...I'm weak!!!
    Posted to Forum (Forum) by Kookie on 06-08-2017
  • Re: New R5

    And I guess the Enve 3.4 will come with the Formula hubs again :(
    Posted to Forum (Forum) by Kookie on 06-08-2017
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