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  • Re: New Frames - 2019 update?

    Agree about easy servicing on cervelos. I meant to say "total" hidden cables, including cockpit.
    Posted to Forum (Forum) by ftakeda on 05-18-2018
  • New Frames - 2019 update?

    Im wondering ifCervelo will brimg big changes on its 2019 franesets. Id love to see a S3 frame with hidden cacles. I know servicing these type of frames is a pain, but the clean look is great! Trek Madone has hidden cables and breaks but I personally dont like the look of the overall bike - im not sure about what bothers me in that frame, maybe ...
    Posted to Forum (Forum) by ftakeda on 05-17-2018
  • Re: Can you run conti Grand Prix 4000 II 28 mm wheels on a 2014-2015 r3?

    Anyone knows if the Vittoria Corsa G+ Graphene size 25 will fit on these 2014 R3's (black and blue scheme)?
    Posted to Forum (Forum) by ftakeda on 11-07-2016
  • Re: Brazil - cyclists dead

    Project and/or execution error. Shame on it
    Posted to Forum (Forum) by ftakeda on 04-24-2016
  • Re: R3 2013 BBright

    Its sound weird. Is the BB cups or the crankset that is moving? Pics would help. My advise is to take the bike to your local shop - the prossuonal mechanic will solve it for sure. And BBright is a press fit bb. Good luck
    Posted to Forum (Forum) by ftakeda on 04-10-2016
  • Re: Tall headset dust cap for R and S series

    You can find it at Ebay
    Posted to Forum (Forum) by ftakeda on 02-16-2016
  • Re: Water inside BBInfinite Cup

    Thanks guys Haha I live in Brazil but far from Amazon and got the water on BB after riding 3 days in a row under rain. Actually I contacted Gary from BBInfinite and he adviced me that using an air compressor, I can blow out the water. The other way is removing one side bearing in order to take out the sleeve and then have full access to the ...
    Posted to Forum (Forum) by ftakeda on 01-19-2016
  • Water inside BBInfinite Cup

    Hi All. I removed the crankset to clean up BB area and realized a water puddle (dirt water) in my BBInfinite cup. Since this BBinfinite has that aluminum sleeve, its really hard to wipe and clean it out. I took advantage and removed the bearings as I replaced them by ceramic bearings I had from Wheelsmanuf., so I could remove the sleeve and clean ...
    Posted to Forum (Forum) by ftakeda on 01-17-2016
  • Re: press fit

    Hi, I suspect you did not adjust the preload nut in the crank non drive side.there is a small screw on the nut: lose it and turn the nut all the way clockwise (toward outside). Maybe it will make the cranks spinning freely and check if it ended with sone play in the crankset. Is yes, turn the nut counter clockwise to tight the set and eliminate ...
    Posted to Forum (Forum) by ftakeda on 01-10-2016
  • Re: Clicking bottom bracket

    At Hi, ai think its not a BBright issue. Its common on all press fit BB - Cannondales for example, also present noisy issues from BB. Actually BBright is one of the most stiff meaning super high power transference from your strokes. Creaking as mentioned, may have several sources: seatpost, pedals, chain, cassette, nipples and BB. If your ...
    Posted to Forum (Forum) by ftakeda on 12-24-2015
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