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  • Re: Di2 Installation frustration

    Hi BlancoR3, Here are the lengths we use for the R5 DA Di2 for reference. It uses the handlebar / bar end junction A and seat post battery. As m66 said, there are many different configurations with Di2 but this should give you a good starting point :) 1x HB Harness A Junction, Handlebar Type JUNCTION-A, EW-RS910, BUILT-IN TYPE, (BUILT-IN ...
    Posted to Forum (Forum) by jakes on 02-21-2019
  • Re: New S3 - Thanks Jakub & Adrian at Cervelo

    That's one good looking S3. I rode one for 3 years and it was one of my favorite bikes. Light, stiff and fast when you want it to be! Enjoy the ride!
    Posted to Forum (Forum) by jakes on 07-11-2018
  • Re: 140mm rotors on R5 Disc

    That's correct. Flip the adapter so it positions the mounting holes for the caliper lower on the fork and rearward on the chainstay. The adapters are marked so it should be pretty straightforward.
    Posted to Forum (Forum) by jakes on 07-06-2018
  • Re: S5 2016 Tire clearance

    Vittoria tires have typically measured close to size but unfortunately, we have not measured different brands of tires for comparison. Tire size is affected by rim width as well so the same tire will measure differently on two separate wheels. As a safe guide, any 23mm marked tire will fit, most are 24mm or 25mm actual size so you get the extra ...
    Posted to Forum (Forum) by jakes on 06-13-2018
  • Re: S5 2016 Tire clearance

    Hi ranger052, It sounds like this recently just started happening. If that's the case double check your wheel is seated correctly in the dropouts. If your rear brake is not centered one of the brake pads can push on the wheel forcing it to sit crooked while you tighten the quick release. Open up your brake completely and reinstall the wheel ...
    Posted to Forum (Forum) by jakes on 06-13-2018
  • Re: Cervelo 2017 105 build, can I fit a 11-32 cassette?

    Hi Stephane, You would need to change the rear derailleur to the Long cage "GS" version. The spec derailleur only accommodates up to a 30 tooth cassette. The longer derailleur can accommodate up to a 34 tooth cassette. Hope that helps.
    Posted to Forum (Forum) by jakes on 05-31-2018
  • Re: Rotor size on R5 Disc

    Hi Mozba, All our Disc models including the R5 can take either 140 or 160mm rotors. Simply install the caliper mount plate in the correct orientation for whichever rotor size you prefer. The R5 Disc comes equipped with 160mm rotors. Cheers
    Posted to Forum (Forum) by jakes on 05-31-2018
  • Re: 2018 Cervelo R5

    Hi Kookie, It is wrap with clear coat applied to prevent peeling and keeping the frame looking good for a long time. Its the same wrap used by the team last year except they did not have clear coat so they could take it off at the start of last years Giro. Enjoy the ride, only 150 were made :)
    Posted to Forum (Forum) by jakes on 05-18-2018
  • Re: Seatpost S3 slipping

    Hey wannabefast, You may want to increase the torque to 8Nm as per the manual. I am not surprised you would experience slipping at 5Nm or possibly 6Nm. Here are the Torque specs for your reference: Seatpost Clamp (frame to seatpost) · Carbon TT rear-bolt - 4 Nm (P5) · Wedge Clamp (Rounded Front) - 8 Nm (S2, S3, S3 Disc, S5, P2, P3, P5X) · ...
    Posted to Forum (Forum) by jakes on 04-27-2018
  • Re: Cervelo R2 chainstay paint crack/chip--warranty?

    Hey CyclingGD, I would have one of our shops take a look at it and submit a warranty claim. Our team here can look it over to make sure whether its safe to ride or needs to be replaced. Cheers,
    Posted to Forum (Forum) by jakes on 04-24-2018
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