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  • 2018 S3 rim brake frameset

     So about this time last year I regrettably sold my 2012 S2 and have always wanted a S3, not sure when these popped up on eBay but I have one on the way for a better deal than shown here, can't wait to get building it ;-) FWIW the seller has 58 and 61's as well available. Will be nice hanging next to my '09 ...
    Posted to Forum (Forum) by KeithR on 04-02-2019
  • Re: Selling my Cervelo RS :(

     Very nice bike, GLWS!
    Posted to Forum (Forum) by KeithR on 10-20-2018
  • Re: Wheel bent (out of "round")

     Similar to a "hop" ? regardless I would take it in to a shop and see if they can adjust it, I can true one side to side no problem usually but some things better left to the pros, 15 minutes at the Trek store and they had it 100% good again and $25.
    Posted to Forum (Forum) by KeithR on 12-15-2016
  • Re: Wheel builds

     I know not custom build and not a Cervelo, but when I recently was searching parts for my recent BMC build I found this 150 mile old set of Fulcrum Zero's in "red passion" for a steal on ebay, love the look.Going to search out another set for my S2 or R3....  
    Posted to Forum (Forum) by KeithR on 09-30-2016
  • Re: Why I should buy a Cervelo R3?

     If you look at the bikes I own at the bottom my 2009 R3 is what I favor the most, it is a do it all bike that almost feels like it has rear suspension compared to some of the other bikes I own yet still stiff and moves out and climb, it climbs like nothing ever I have ridden. My next bike will probably be a new R3 with disc brakes, good luck ...
    Posted to Forum (Forum) by KeithR on 05-19-2016
  • Re: Picture of your Cervelo

     Very Nice winnershsaint........
    Posted to Forum (Forum) by KeithR on 04-29-2016
  • Re: Picture of your Cervelo

     Tifosi,   That R3 looks incredible with those blacked out wheels/brake track, thanks for the inspiration! I need to get busy & build my NIB R3 Team to match my present S2......   Love my old R3 SL and am sure the 2012 version is even better.   The S2 with it's new Fulcrum Quattro's...  
    Posted to Forum (Forum) by KeithR on 04-29-2016
  • Re: R3 with 404s

    I have newer more expensive bikes as can be seen below but this is by far my favorite, such a clean 2009 R3 SL I found (frame, fork, seat post) on ebay (for less than $500 shipped) and built up and I grab for this for probably 70% of my rides, been trying to sale my 2012 R3 below but thinking of keeping it now as it is probably even a bit better ...
    Posted to Forum (Forum) by KeithR on 03-28-2016
  • Re: R2/3 S2/3 - Why the huge stack height ?

     I believe he is referring to the change after 2010 or maybe it was 2011 models as most (maybe not all) of the R & S series got bigger stack or taller with the newer years, case in point is my 2009 R3 SL has a head tube length of 180mm and stand over of 781 while my 2012 R3 is 199 head tube with 815 stand over.I haven't built the 2012 ...
    Posted to Forum (Forum) by KeithR on 03-14-2016
  • Wow! Farrar borrows fans bike to finish TDU stage... ...
    Posted to Forum (Forum) by KeithR on 01-21-2016
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