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  • Re: Possible wrong size

    I'm 5'9" with a 30" inseam and ride bikes sized from my Cervelo R2 51cm to a Ridley Noah 54cm. I have to say that the Ridley is at the top of the scale size wise for me, but I did get a fitting when I bought it and it has turned out to be nearly as comfortable as my smaller and less aggressive R2. Then again, bike frames from ...
    Posted to Forum (Forum) by Butch on 05-18-2020
  • Re: New to the collection - MTN Qhubeka S5

    One of the really best looking team bikes ever. Classy. Definitely one of my favorites.
    Posted to Forum (Forum) by Butch on 05-18-2020
  • Re: What has happened with this forum?

    Cervelo lost interest? A lot like most big corporations on the rise tend to do. I've noticed how slow the activity has become. I've been on here about 2-3 years and haven't been able to post a picture, ever. They said they were going to fix that 2 years ago. Zero interest on their part. I gave up. Still love my lowly 2016 R2 that now ...
    Posted to Forum (Forum) by Butch on 05-30-2019
  • Re: Should you be able to ride a bike in the rain?

    I wondered the same thing and asked about a grommet or rubber cover for the front derailleur cable hole. LBS said there isn't one. I looked at a new R3 in the shop and there was nothing covering the hole. That hole seems like it's in a prime spot to dump sand and water into that BB area.
    Posted to Forum (Forum) by Butch on 04-24-2019
  • Re: Wheel upgrade for 2018 R3

    Aeolus Pro 3 is a great wheel. Nice find. They are robust, so weight is not the lightest out there, but you won't have any problems with them. At around 1500 grams they are a little lighter than my old aluminum Rol race SL clinchers and your C35s. Rotational weight is a weighty subject as we all know so go as light as you can stand (dare) on ...
    Posted to Forum (Forum) by Butch on 04-23-2019
  • Re: Should you be able to ride a bike in the rain?

    I don't like riding in the rain, but it unexpectedly happens once in a while. That shouldn't bother any bike, even a Walmart Special. What I do watch out for here in Maine is salt. Fall, Winter and Spring- the road crews spread it like crazy. So if you bike on a wet day after they have salted, you could get some of that in your BB. Salt ...
    Posted to Forum (Forum) by Butch on 04-08-2019
  • Re: Wheel upgrade for 2018 R3

    You can go a lot less expensive than $2k for a good carbon wheel set, unless you need to have a "brand". I shopped around extensively 4 years ago, eventually hearing about ICAN wheels. I also found someone who had ridden on them for a good while. After his glowing reports, I decided to give them a try. Back then they were about $450 ...
    Posted to Forum (Forum) by Butch on 03-13-2019
  • Re: Bottom Bracket Lifespan

    I did the same monsoon Trek Across Maine that cawright mentions and he's not kidding about the amount of water we rode through. Inches of water on the roadways plus constant moderate to heavy rainfall. At the end of the first day, I hosed off my crank, chain and cassette. I was riding my 2006 Specialized Allez Comp with a triple 105 group on ...
    Posted to Forum (Forum) by Butch on 11-06-2018
  • Re: New cervelo up dates don't include the S series😐

    When has a new bike "come out" with a lower price? Yes, it may have happened at one time or another, but certainly not common in my experience. S series has always seemed premium priced since I first saw one at a bike shop. Has always been an excellent looking and great riding bike. Hope this new model doesn't balloon in price too ...
    Posted to Forum (Forum) by Butch on 08-22-2018
  • Re: Adding Sunweb??

    Any of the cyclists that survive a TdF deserve to be admired, regardless of their personality quirks/faults. There's an enormous amount of personal sacrifice, pain and uber insane dedication to make it all the way to the Champ's pave show, let alone trying to remain competitive all the way. I wonder what the whiny quotient would be ...
    Posted to Forum (Forum) by Butch on 07-23-2018
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