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  • Re: center lock adapter to 6-bolt disc rotor for zipp 302

    So you want to use 6 bolt rotors on standard centerlock designed wheels? Cheap solution.. Best, Jeff
    Posted to Forum (Forum) by AlohaJC on 08-23-2018
  • Re: R3 - Front Derailleur Hanger Rivets

    Take a look at your older Credit card bills, if you can find a receipt, that plus what your dealer may have should give the dealer enough to produce a receipt. Also, your dealer, if they processed a previous warranty, should have that data, as should Cervelo referencing your current serial number, since I understand it was a warranty ...
    Posted to Forum (Forum) by AlohaJC on 07-24-2018
  • Re: R3 - Front Derailleur Hanger Rivets

    1)Are you the original owner with your receipt? 2)I had an R3 Warranty replaced when I was riding and 'snap' and the FD mount came loose and had a big crack a bit bigger than your pic. I also had a crack forming around the Bottom bracket area. I paid a few $ and got the newest frame. Definitely tell the person at the dealer, 'If they ...
    Posted to Forum (Forum) by AlohaJC on 07-16-2018
  • Re: Mavic v Specialized shoes

    Make sure you try on which ever you are considering. I have normal medium width feet, and used Specialized S-works shoes for years. Then I bought a pair a couple years ago, they felt a touch snug, but I thought they were built around the same last (what makes the form of the shoes at the factory) and discovered the hard way that some person at ...
    Posted to Forum (Forum) by AlohaJC on 06-26-2018
  • Re: Shimano crank on P2

    For BBRight frames, I believe the best bottom bracket available that has one side press in and the other side thread in to that pressed in part is the Wheels MFG series. You will need the tool they make ...
    Posted to Forum (Forum) by AlohaJC on 12-10-2017
  • Re: strange cassette issue

    I'd check the Derailleur hangar, and go through the factory procedure on B tension adjustment procedure. I've checked many new bikes and found 5/5 were way out of alignment. At SDSR talking with our SRAM neutral support wrench, he indicated that at least 80% of bikes folks bring with shifting issues need their derailleur hangar ...
    Posted to Forum (Forum) by AlohaJC on 08-05-2017
  • Re: Daytime running headlights

    <being more visible to drivers> That's simply smart! I've biked about 15,000mi on Maui alone, and 5000 on other islands, in addition to many 10,000's in So Cal. There is absolutely no question that a bright white flashing light on the front will deter 'left turners' and also, it will help abate those turning right in ...
    Posted to Forum (Forum) by AlohaJC on 07-31-2017
  • Re: Zipp wheels and tyres

    PMFJI, I'm sure Don is discussing Zipp 404's, the clinchers, NOT Carbon Clinchers, such as the 404 Firecrest's. The older Aluminum Brake track 404's are extremely rugged, I saw a guy get 3 spokes taken out in a Crit and the wheel was still basically true... The Newer Firecrest, AKA Carbon clinchers, in all of the Zipp family are ...
    Posted to Forum (Forum) by AlohaJC on 06-06-2017
  • Re: Cervelo R5 RDH and different ratio Shimano Gearing

    I tried it on an R3 and the issue is having enough chain with the short cage, I didn't find the hanger the issue..... I then bought an Ultegra mid cage Di2 RD and it's flawless. If you want to go Dura Ace, the newest one should work. I find that having the 34/32 allows me to climb where few others go and recover on climbs not easily done ...
    Posted to Forum (Forum) by AlohaJC on 10-19-2016
  • Re: Cervelo S3 Zipp 202/303

    FWIW,  I recall the folks at Zipp telling me the front wheel provides 62% of the aero benefit, and I have 404 (Firecrest's) as my R3 wheels. when I sent my front in for the hub recall, I borrowed a 202 firecrest and yes, I could tell the difference.    Dig up the benefit of a 404 (FCC) set over the 202's, and take 62% of ...
    Posted to Forum (Forum) by AlohaJC on 09-01-2016
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